Artistic enquiry into perception and creativity

“He drew, painted and copied in order to see better... to free the eye from the background factors which determine it....The new eye renews the world: nothing being taken for granted, everything remains to be discovered; any object whatever... can catch the eye and amaze one into looking closer...becoming more aware of what perception reveals.”

Charles Juliet 'Giacometti'

Through a series of drawing exercises, experiments with colour and making small-scale sculpture, participants will investigate the methods used by early modernists including Cezanne, Giacometti and Picasso to break away from received ways of perceiving and representing reality.

Areas of focus include:

  • Differentiating observer, subject and artwork
  • Non-Western art traditions including African and Oceanic art
  • The role of the unintentional or finding vs seeking
  • The influence of states and structures of consciousness on perception

Each cycle of enquiry will explore ideas and techniques through the making process in a way that is both playful and challenging. Observations and insights will be discussed as a group with reference to relevant explanatory frameworks, such as the creative cycle as described by neurologist Oliver Sacks:

  • Perception / acts of knowing
  • Integration / personalisation
  • Creative expression

Exploration of this deep ground of knowledge can open participants to shifts in ways of seeing and provide a base from which to clarify artistic direction and continue to deepen artistic practice.

Teaching Artist - Shane Kent

Shane is an experienced teacher and practicing artist. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (Ceramics), postgraduate qualifications in sculpture and education and has undertaken a Master of Fine Art (Drawing). He is represented by Australian Galleries.

Who is Freeing the Eye suitable for?

All are welcome. Previous participants have come from varied backgrounds and have included artists, teachers, designers and others. Most important is a sense of curiosity about perception and the creative process and openness to the challenge of exploring different ways of seeing.

Freeing the Eye is offered in two streams.

Freeing the Eye : Foundation

An introduction to the theory and practice of ‘freeing the eye’. Freeing the Eye: Foundations Venue, Dates & Fees

  • Every s e c o n d Sunday 1.00 – 6.00pm at Hawthorn Artists' Society Studio
  • 4 x 5 hour sessions
  • $520 (includes basic materials)

Freeing the Eye: Ongoing Exploration

This course allows for progressively deeper exploration of the major areas of focus introduced in the foundation course and supports the clarification and pursuit of individual artistic direction. It is offered as a multi-semester program, providing an opportunity to further develop perceptual abilities and consolidate a practice of reflective immersion in the creative process. Participants should plan to spend additional time (2-5 hours) outside classes to extend their exploration and progress projects. Freeing the Eye: Ongoing Exploration Venue, Dates & Fees

  • Every s e c o n d Sunday 1.00 – 6.00pm at Hawthorn Artists' Society Studio
  • Delivered in blocks of 5 x 5 hour sessions starting
  • $650 (per 5 sessions,includes basic materials)



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Shane Kent

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