'Australia's most dynamic and exciting Abstract Expressionist painter'
Art Nomad

'All her students can testify to (Yvonne's) generosity in class as she assists us to expand our technique and individual responses, our ideas and efforts to develop strong figure drawing... Yvonne’s challenging direction encourages us to observe the human form and represent it from many different perspectives. Structural awareness is observed. Movement and rhythm of the form is studied through freeing-up exercises... Classical music playing opens rhythmic pathways of the brain and invites us to enter our drawing with flow and feeling.' 
- Jill Flockhart

'Australia's most dynamic and exciting Abstract Expressionist painter' Art Nomad

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Saturday sketch group 9.30am - 12.30pm.

Short, dynamic action poses with a life model organised by Yvonne Audette. Held in the large rehearsal space next to the studio.

Saturday 11 May - Saturday 3 August
0435 891 043