Studio Responsibilities

All Users:

The member who books, teaches or co-ordinates a session is responsible for:

  • ensuring proper conduct of the session;
  • leaving the studio in a clean condition and ready for use;
  • maintaining the security of the studio;
  • promptly paying the applicable rental recovery fee.

Studio Program Coordinator

The studio program coordinator is appointed by the management committee and on behalf of the committee

  • is point of contact for anyone wishing to book the Studio
  • maintains oversight of the classes and other usage in the studio
  • maintains the program/schedule of current studio sessions
  • maintains a record of other current bookings and inquiries
  • liases with the class teachers to record information on membership participation in classes
  • liases with untutored session coordinators on attendance recording and forward schedules
  • negotiates fees on behalf of and under the guidance of the management committee
  • recommends policy or operational changes to the management committee
  • provides information to the Treasurer for rent recovery invoices and recovery;
  • liaises with the Newsletter editor on the studio program to appear in the Newsletter
  • liaises with the Website co-ordinator on the studio program to appear on the Website.

Studio sessions are generally built around a division of each day into morning, afternoon, and evening time slots. Term bookings run over the course of a term, usually ten weeks corresponding to the Victorian State Schools Terms and are published in the Web site, newsletter and Notice board

In general the rental charge is calculated on a per session basis and all sessions are treated equally with respect to this charge, except where the Committee may decide that a reduced rate is justified as an incentive to new users or to attract users to less popular time slots.

Untutored/Members work session coordinator:

Each coordinator agrees to run the session as a volunteer on behalf of the Management Committee and the Studio Program Coordinator and to

  • book the models
  • pay the model at the end of each session
  • collect the attendance fees agreed with the studio program coordinator
  • pay the difference to the Treasurer at the end of each term
  • ensure the attendance book is completed for each session
  • open and close the studio and run the session
  • agree the schedule with the program coordinator per term

Individual Members:

Individual members may book and use the studio alone or with other members on a private basis. The member who books the session is responsible for all costs including the timely payment of the Society’s rental recovery invoices.

The Art Centre/Studio

The studio and office in the RSL building at the corner of Manningham and Glenferrie Roads is rented from the City of Boroondara and used as a centre for:

  • meetings and discussions
  • lectures and presentations by artists and academics
  • untutored members work sessions
  • classes run by the Society and taught by members who are practicing artists
  • skills workshops and master classes
  • classes run independently by members who are experienced teachers and artists
  • affiliated community groups.

The organisation and management of the centre and its equipment is done by volunteers The Society aims to achieve a high usage (occupancy rate) for the facility. It is used every day of the week and some evenings. It is used throughout the year.

The Society uses the studio for meetings and artist and expert presentations which are of interest to its members, to other artistic groups and to the public.

The Society has some arrangements for the studio to be used by community groups including the University of the Third Age (U3A) and Smart Art for after school children

The untutored work sessions include life drawing and portraiture. Each session is run by a volunteer coordinator who acts on behalf of the management committee of the Society. The coordinator collects attendance fees on behalf of the Society and pays the model and any other authorised expenses. The Society aims to run these sessions at low price to the participants and at discount for members to attract new members from Boroondara and from the surrounding area.

Individual members may book and use the studio. Typically an individual or group of members may book time to work together on a painting project. These sessions are not shown on the program and are only available on an ad hoc basis in the free space shown on the calendar.

The Society facilitates classes, schedules them at the Studio and promotes them to its members. It expects that these classes will attract new members to the Society. The Society aims to offer a wide range of classes that appeal to the range of visual artists in Boroondara and the surrounding area.

The Society runs classes. Terms are usually ten or fewer weeks within the Victorian State School Term. The Society is responsible for the administration, collection of fees contracting the teachers and financial viability of these courses.

Other classes are run and managed by independent self employed artists who are responsible for all financial aspects of their courses. The fees set by each independent artist cover their personal work and costs in developing, preparing, administering and delivering the courses. The fees vary as to be expected given that prices for artwork by different artists or even by the same artist during their lifetime can differ one hundredfold.

The society charges independent teachers and other members who book the studio a fee to recover the rent to the City of Boroondara and the costs of maintenance and administration.

Independent Teaching Artist:

The independent teaching artist develops course materials and teaches classes based on his or her own experience and is responsible for delivering the class to the satisfaction of the students. He or she

  • agrees a schedule with the program coordinator per term or for a workshop.
  • supplies a list of attendees (name and member number) once per term on request by the Studio Program Coordinator or uses the day book to record all attendances.
  • selects and admits the attendees who must be members of the Society or become members.
  • sets and collects student fees to recover own costs as self employed artist including all course preparation, teaching and on costs such as administration, materials and model costs, and the studio rental recovery.
  • supplies a class synopsis and promotional/informational material for the Society website and newsletter. Is otherwise responsible for advertising the course, attracting and admitting the students and associated costs.
  • does not employ teachers or sell materials or goods at a profit.
  • promptly pays the Society’s invoices for rent recovery. These are raised at week one of a term and due within 30 days.
  • holds a suitable public liability insurance policy and supplies the Studio Program Coordinator with a copy of the certificate of currency

HAS Teaching Artist:

The HAS teaching Artist has an agreement with HAS to deliver a course on its behalf. HAS charges attendance fees for these courses and is responsible for collecting payment. HAS contracts with the teacher on a per term basis and makes contract payments at the beginning and end of each term.

The teacher is responsible for assessing the students suitability to attend the course.

The teacher is an independent contractor who is responsible for his or her own tools of trade and consumables. The teacher is responsible for the detail content and delivery. The contract is not transferable.