Sophia Xeros-Constantinides at Slade Summer School

Sophia Xeros-Constantinides at Slade Summer School


Show & Tell
Wednesday, 14 November.
7- 9pm

A warm invitation to all members and friends to join us for the next Show & Tell Wednesday 14 November 7–9pm.

With each successive Show & Tell more members have attended - the word is getting around - the home-made cakes are delicious but the art and the conversations are even better. The last Show & Tell attracted over 25 members and friends. For the final Show & Tell for 2018 on Wed 14 November 7–9pm, we will be presenting two illustrated talks on the topic of ‘In search of Painting: Looking to Europe for painterly inspiration and tuition’.

In her talk and slideshow, member Sophia Xeros-Constantinides will be taking people to London and Tuscany, recalling her recent six-week painting journey in 'Contemporary Portraiture' and 'Figure Painting' in Summer School Classes at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.

Sophia will also show images of her ten days with British artist Andy Pankhurst painting at Verrocchio Centro d’Arte in Casole d'Elsa in Tuscany with a group of mainly British painters.

This will be followed by member Helen McDonald’s illustrated presentation entitled ‘The Sustained Pose: Pros & Cons’. Helen will be talking about her experience of British painting tutor Andy Pankhurst's ‘Sustained Pose Life Painting’ Slade Summer School course.

Both Sophia and Helen attended the two-week ‘Sustained Pose’ course at Slade together this September, and they will bring examples of their work to the presentation.

The Show & Tell will be on in the Studio at Hawthorn.

Members interested in presenting their work in the 2019 Show & Tell series should contact Mimmo Cozzolino on or 0431 596 484.


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