Eva Miller


Show and Tell
Wednesday, 26 September.
7- 9pm

One of the enjoyable things as a HAS member is meeting other members and exchanging ideas about art and making art. We now have a regular bi-monthly evening event– Show and Tell, where we meet in a casual and friendly atmosphere at the HAS Studio.

Following our successful second Show and Tell, four members volunteered to show their work at our next event.

Amanda Lazar, Hans van Weerd, Eva Miller and Joe Whyte are our new presenters. One of them (to be revealed on the night) will talk about and show their Archibald Portrait entry with their sitter also being in attendance to share the experience of being painted for an Archie.

If you haven’t attended the first two Show and Tell events, here is your chance. Members can join in the conversation and admire the artworks throughout the night. It’s all free, including tea, coffee and Mimmo’s home baked cakes. It’s a great opportunity to also introduce your friends who may be interested in finding out what we do at HAS.

If you have any questions about this upcoming Show and Tell, please contact Mimmo Cozzolino by email or call him on 0431 596 484.

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Geoff Cook

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Mike Kowalski


Amanda Lazar