Sophia Xeros-Constantinides work at Slade Summer School

Sophia Xeros-Constantinides work at Slade Summer School


Show & Tell
Wednesday, 15 May.
7- 9pm

A warm invitation to all members and friends to join us for the next Show & Tell Wednesday 14 November 7–9pm.

With each successive Show & Tell more members have attended - the word is getting around - the home-made cakes are delicious but the art and the conversations are even better. The last Show & Tell for 2018 was a full house. Look for details soon of the presenters lined-up for 2019.

The Show & Tell will be on in the Studio at Hawthorn.

Members interested in presenting their work in the 2019 Show & Tell series should contact Mimmo Cozzolino on or 0431 596 484.


Wed 15 May

Wed 24 July

Wed 25 September

Wed 13 November


Joe Whyte’s sketch books

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Geoff Cook

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Mike Kowalski


Amanda Lazar