Dr Heather Sebo

Saturday 13, 2 - 4 PM

'More real than real'

Anatomically convincing representation of the nude human body is central to the Western artistic tradition an ‘Life classes’ are regarded as fundamental to artistic training. As natural as this may seem to us, it is a unique and possibly eccentric cultural legacy from Ancient Greece.

This richly illustrated presentation is designed for practitioners and will have a particular focus on matters of technique and media. It will also consider the meaning and significance of the naked body as a subject for art.

Dr Heather Sebo is currently lecturing in the LA TROBE IN THE CITY - ANCIENT MEDITERRANEAN LECTURE SERIES. She is also well known for her presentations at NGV.

3 week workshop ‘The Making of an Icon: the Parthenon and its Sculptures’ Oct 20, 27 & Nov 3

$20 per session. Contact phone 9752 1351 or email classicinconversation2gmail.com

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