2 day painting workshop


10am - 4pm, Thursday 5th & Friday 6th October 2017

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This important contemporary artist returns to Australia from working in Germany.

Her ongoing time in Berlin with expressionism, will provide insights into Heather's deep knowledge and experience for 16 participants over 2 days. Work will be in acrylic paint and mixed media.

Heather’s wonderfully infectious energy will have participants working rapidly on several paintings at once, to quickly test ideas, open possibilities and then develop larger works through many layers. Learn how to start and know when to call a piece finished. Learn new possibilities from an introduction to the complex underpainting, vibrant colours and powerful, seemingly distilled, drawn images that identify Heather’s work.
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Some words about the previous 2017 Workshop

Heathers workshop was indeed liberating - she is so generous of spirit - so inclusive and down to earth. I would do any number of her workshops - would snap up any chance to work with her - thank you Heather Betts
Jo Brazil

I found HeatherBetts’ workshop very helpful. Her ideas , and her ability to communicate those ideas was stimulating..and...informative.....
For someone , (like me) who is sometimes “blocked”, her attitude of exploring the gifts of underpainting andthe joy of mark-making, I see as a way forward in my own work. I admire Heathers Betts’  work..its energy , its visceral nature, and its freedom . Her wokshop, I thought, helped bring thatoutin all of us.

She is not only a respected artist , but also a gifted teacher.
Noelene Douglas


Review of previous 2016 Workshop

Bolder goes bigger and brighter

This year’s Heather Betts workshop was the third for HAS and the first in collaboration with the Hawthorn Arts Centre, our new hosts. By combining with the Arts Centre we were able to run a much bigger workshop for 16 participants collectively doing over a hundred paintings.

The daylight was bright and wonderful and the room has great views over Hawthorn to the city for any hypothetical person who was not totally absorbed in the work and Heather’s demonstrations.

Amazingly she filled the space with her excitement and energy as she got around to each person to help them individually experiment with her approach to painting. She encouraged each one of us to take risks, be bold and trust in the process. She was there to unblock stoppers and suggest possibilities in our work, remarkably remembering up to ten works that each of us was concurrently developing and knowing when to call a piece finished.

Heather did her postgraduate degree in Berlin and has lived and worked in the land of abstract expressionism for a large part of the year for over twenty years. We get glimpses of her deep knowledge and experience in this area as she quickly, easily and positively recognizes our struggles and suggests a way forward and a way to ‘Let it go’.