Exploring collage workshop

Two day workshop
Sunday 11 & Sunday 18 August, 2019. 1pm - 5pm



Over the two sessions you will join Erica Wagner and discover the joy of creating new compositions, using your own discarded works on paper and other collage elements. Being prepared to destroy in order to create, can liberate the artist and add depth and interest to your work.

Repurposing your artworks has an energy all its own. Freed from their previous incarnations, new and imaginative possibilities emerge from work destined for the recycle bin. Bring your discarded landscape sketches, old paintings, magazines, figures drawings and a sketchbook of ideas or photographic reference. Be prepared to experiment with texture, shape, colour, line and form.

Erica will encourage participants to create surfaces, experiment with materials and explore their own imagery to create a series of collage works. Some materials will be provided. The workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Workshop Sunday 11 and 18 August 2019, 1pm - 5pm.
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