Vienna by KEN WIGHT

Vienna by KEN WIGHT

Committee’s report to the Annual General Meeting on 11 October 2018

I am pleased to present the annual report to the Members of the Society from the Management Committee.

The office bearers in the past year were
David Bailey President
Jayne Higgins Vice President
Lyn Buckingham Treasurer
Mimmo Cozzolino Secretary
The ordinary committee members were Eva Miller, Louise Forthun, Peter Howie, Anne Esposito and Tony Ericson

Anne Esposito was Studio Facilities and Administration manager.
Tony Ericson was Communications manager Anne and Tony were paid contractors to the HAS, supplying some services on a part-time basis. They have made a significant contribution to the successful running of the Society this past year.

At the date of the last AGM David Bailey, our copatron and life member became an ordinary member and was elected President.


The Society continued to grow its membership. At October 2018 there are 266 members including life members. 218 have paid 2018 membership and are entitled to vote at the AGM.

Studio Program

The Studio, in the basement of the Hawthorn Town Hall, is currently being used for about 30 hours per week. The adjacent performance space is used every Saturday morning to accommodate the Yvonne Audette classes as they are too large for the studio. Rooms within the Hawthorn Arts Centre are also rented from time to time for larger sessions and workshops. All the teachers continued this year – Yvonne Audette, Nathan Paramanathan, Jenny Scholes, Janice McBride and Raphael Zimmerman.

Programs continued to be run by U3A and by Jan Daly - Smart Art after School Program.


Mark Dober conducted a plein air workshop, Heather Betts and Godwin Bradbeer conducted large group workshops in the performance space next to the studio. Daniel Butterworth gave a smaller group workshop in the studio

Attendances at these events have sold very strongly, usually selling out. We try to keep prices low and offer variety in the presenters we engage. These events are a great opportunity to promote the Society to our own members and a wider audience.

Show and Tell

Mimmo Cozzolino started an evening show and tell session to provide an opportunity for members to show and discuss their work with other members.. The first three sessions have been successful. The last session for 2018 is scheduled for 14 November. More are planned for next year.


The first year’s payment $2500 of a three year grant from the City of Boroondara was received and used to run the two “Come and try” short workshop programs. Presenters were Steve Cox and David Harley. Our second year of grant funded events has started with Janet Hayes presenting an Ipad portrait session. These grants allow us to produce interesting short events and accompanying promotional material aimed at attracting new members.

An annual Community Strengthening Grant of $2,400 from the City of Boroondara was used to run an advertising program on Radio for a special life drawing session on Thursday nights for newcomers to Life drawing.

Untutored life sessions.

Eva Miller continued to run the Portrait sessions on Thursday morning providing a regular opportunity to draw or paint from a seated clothed model. Kirk Winter’s Monday night sessions continued to present one extra long pose repeated over five Weeks for painters and sculptors and continued to run Tuesday night. Phil Kreveld, Peter Spruch, Ingrid Sykes and Mimmo Cozzolino took turns to run Tuesday night life class a term each.

Peter Howie and others run the Monday morning session. Wayne Aubrey’s Sunday morning session continues to be very well attended. Phil Kreveld ran sessions on Thursday evening for newcomers to Life drawing as advertised on Radio. Mimmo Cozzolino and Graeme Galloway booked the studio on Monday afternoons to start a new life drawing session for a group of members. The committee thanks these volounteer members and the others who stood in from time to time to coordinate the sessions. Hawthorn continues to be one of the strongest centres of life drawing in Melbourne.

Art exhibitions

A successful One-man Show was held in June -July 2018 and members participated in the Emporium Art Sale held in the Hawthorn Arts Centre in December 2017.


A regular email mailout is sent out using mailchimp to 385 addressees. This communication offers a broader reach for our news, offering recipients links directly to event news and bookings on the website. Payments can be made through credit card, EFT and cheque.

Web Site and social media

Tony Ericson updates the Web site and established a growing social media presence with Facebook at 213 page followers and Instagram now at 946 followers.

Accounts and membership recording.

Anne Esposito has run the Society’s accounts using MYOB software. The annual results were reviewed by John Marshall & Co. who has audited our accounts previously. The Society continued to bank with the Commonwealth Bank. Anne also took over the membership recording and is gradually integrating it with the accounting system. Anne introduced Sprite software and Tony integrated it with our Web site so that we now accept payments by credit card.


There was no significant expenditure on the studio this year. A couple of low cost easels and new shelving racks were purchased as part of on going maintenance expenditure.

We are expecting some enhancements to the studio as part of the Arts Centre upgrades occurring throughout 2018. Discussions have recently been held with Council noting the considerable growth of the Society since it moved into the Hawthorn Arts Centre (by some 160%). We hope that some changes may be made to the studio space to increase the usable area and brighten it up. In the longer term we have requested Council to consider making more significant changes fitting with the size and standing of our Society as compared with similar groups in other municipalities.

On behalf of the committee I submit this report to the members.

On behalf of all of our members I wish to acknowledge and thank the management committee, the coordinators and all who have given their time and effort to manage and operate the Society.

David Bailey